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State Bank of India - Bihar

IFSC Codes of all branches of State Bank of India situated in Bihar state of India.

Get details of all branches of State Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

State Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of BIHAR. All the branches of State Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of State Bank of India having branches in BIHAR.

Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
Araria- Araria SBIN0000009 854002002 Bihar
Aarah- Bhojpur SBIN0000010 802002102 Bihar
Aurangabad- Aurangabad SBIN0000013 824002002 Bihar
Barh- Barh SBIN0000026 803002102 Bihar
Begusarai- Begusarai SBIN0000032 851002102 Bihar
Bettiah- Bettiah SBIN0000035 845002902 Bihar
Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0000037 812002002 Bihar
Biharsarif- Biharsarif SBIN0000042 803002002 Bihar
Buxar- Buxar SBIN0000051 802002002 Bihar
Chapra- Saran SBIN0000054 841002002 Bihar
Dalmianagar- Dalmianagar SBIN0000060 821002002 Bihar
Darbhanga- Darbhanga SBIN0000062 846002509 Bihar
Forbesganj- Forbesganj SBIN0000077 854002302 Bihar
Gaya- Gaya SBIN0000079 823002002 Bihar
Gopalganj- Gopalganj SBIN0000085 841002102 Bihar
Hajipur- Hajipur SBIN0000088 844002002 Bihar
Jamui- Jamui SBIN0000097 811002002 Bihar
Jehanabad- Jehanabad SBIN0000100 804002002 Bihar
Khagaria- Khagaria SBIN0000114 851002002 Bihar
Kisanganj- Kisanganj SBIN0000117 855002002 Bihar
Madhipura- Madhipura SBIN0000126 852002202 Bihar
Madhubani- Madhubani SBIN0000127 845002607 Bihar
Mirganj- Mirganj SBIN0000133 841002601 Bihar
Mokama- Patna SBIN0000135 803002701 Bihar
Munger- Munger SBIN0000136 811002202 Bihar
Motihari- Motihari SBIN0000137 845002002 Bihar
Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0000138 842002002 Bihar
Nawada- Nawada SBIN0000141 805002002 Bihar
Patna Main- Patna SBIN0000152 800002045 Bihar
Patna Sectt- Patna SBIN0000153 800002036 Bihar
Purnea- Purnea SBIN0000159 854002102 Bihar
Saharsa- Saharsa SBIN0000172 852002002 Bihar
Samastipur- Samastipur SBIN0000174 848002002 Bihar
Sasaram- Rohtas SBIN0000177 821002202 Bihar
Sitamarhi- Sitamarhi SBIN0000186 843002003 Bihar
Siwan- Siwan SBIN0000187 841002202 Bihar
Supaul- Supaul SBIN0000190 852002102 Bihar
Katihar- Katihar SBIN0000203 854002202 Bihar
Banka- Banka SBIN0000243 813002002 Bihar
Bhabhua- Kaimur SBIN0001099 821002102 Bihar
Station Road Ara- Ara SBIN0001213 802002104 Bihar
Bseb Patna- Patna SBIN0001215 800002009 Bihar
Biharsharif Bazar- Biharsharif SBIN0001216 803002003 Bihar
Bihta- Bihta SBIN0001217 800002501 Bihar
Chanpatia- Chanpatia SBIN0001219 845002601 Bihar
Chapra Bazar Chapra- Chapra SBIN0001220 841002003 Bihar
Gaya Bazar- Gaya SBIN0001222 823002006 Bihar
Main Road Buxar- Buxar SBIN0001227 802002003 Bihar
Laheria Sarai- Laheriasarai SBIN0001229 846002004 Bihar
Munger Bazar- Munger SBIN0001230 811002206 Bihar
Motihari Bazar- Motihari SBIN0001231 845002003 Bihar
Sutapatti- Muzaffarpur SBIN0001232 842002003 Bihar
Judges Court Rd- Patna SBIN0001233 800002022 Bihar
Hajiganj- Patna SBIN0001234 800002019 Bihar
Purnea Bazar- Purnea SBIN0001236 854002103 Bihar
Siwan Bazar- Siwan SBIN0001238 841002203 Bihar
Warsaliganj- Nawada SBIN0001240 805002502 Bihar
Danapur- Danapur SBIN0001254 800002014 Bihar
Kankarbagh- Patna SBIN0001389 800002024 Bihar
Patna City- Patna SBIN0001423 800002034 Bihar
Valmikinagar- Valmikinagar SBIN0001432 845002032 Bihar
Boring Road- Patna SBIN0001435 800002008 Bihar
Sarsi- Sarsi SBIN0001436 854002601 Bihar
Lal Ganj- Vaishali SBIN0001483 844002501 Bihar
Kalyani Market Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0001485 842002005 Bihar
Gulzarbagh- Patna SBIN0001496 800002018 Bihar
Barauni Refinery Campus- Barauni SBIN0001502 851002104 Bihar
Mithapur- Patna SBIN0001511 800002029 Bihar
Patliputra- Patna SBIN0001513 800002033 Bihar
Bu Campus- Muzaffarpur SBIN0001519 842002004 Bihar
Bhagalpur City- Bhagalpur SBIN0001521 812002010 Bihar
Kadamkuan- Patna SBIN0001561 800002023 Bihar
Adb Pakaribarawan- Pakaribarawan SBIN0001635 805002503 Bihar
Rajendra Nagar- Patna SBIN0001662 800002040 Bihar
Adb Araria- Araria SBIN0001739 854002003 Bihar
Adb Motihari- Motihari SBIN0001763 845002004 Bihar
Adb Bettiah- Bettiah SBIN0001764 845002103 Bihar
Adb Purnea- Purnea SBIN0001846 854002104 Bihar
Adb Dhamdaha- Dhamdaha SBIN0001849 854002151 Bihar
Adb Samstipur- Samstipur SBIN0001953 848002004 Bihar
Adb Siwan- Siwan SBIN0001954 841002204 Bihar
Adb Banka- Banka SBIN0002230 813002003 Bihar
Adb Dalsingsarai- Dalsingsarai SBIN0002322 848002501 Bihar
Adb Nawada- Nawada SBIN0002362 805002003 Bihar
Aliganj- Jamui SBIN0002611 811002701 Bihar
Bodh Gaya- Gaya SBIN0002739 823002004 Bihar
Dehri- Dehri SBIN0002859 821002003 Bihar
Amarpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0002899 813002501 Bihar
Amjhore- Rohtas SBIN0002900 821002701 Bihar
Amnour- Amnour SBIN0002901 841002501 Bihar
Araria R S- Araria SBIN0002903 854002005 Bihar
Areraj- Areraj SBIN0002904 845002501 Bihar
Bagaha Bazar- Bagaha SBIN0002905 845002603 Bihar
Bairgania- Sheohar SBIN0002906 843002501 Bihar
Baisi- Baisi SBIN0002907 854002603 Bihar
Bakhtiyarpur- Bakhtiyarpur SBIN0002908 800002502 Bihar
Lakhminia- Lakhminia SBIN0002909 851002601 Bihar
Banmankhi- Banmankhi SBIN0002910 854002604 Bihar
Bara Chakia- Bara Chakia SBIN0002911 845002502 Bihar
Barauni- Barauni SBIN0002912 851002602 Bihar
Bf Township- Barauni SBIN0002913 851002105 Bihar
Barbigha- Sheikhpura SBIN0002914 811002801 Bihar
Barahiya- Lakhisarai SBIN0002916 811002601 Bihar
Behariganj- Behariganj SBIN0002918 852002701 Bihar
Bhawanipur- Bhawanipur SBIN0002920 854002605 Bihar
Bibhutipur- Bibhutipur SBIN0002921 848002502 Bihar
Brahampur- Buxar SBIN0002923 802002501 Bihar
Chiraiya- Chiraiya SBIN0002928 845002503 Bihar
Colgong- Bhagalpur SBIN0002929 812002501 Bihar
Dalsingsarai- Samstipur SBIN0002930 848002517 Bihar
Darbhanga City- Darbhanga SBIN0002931 846002006 Bihar
Desri- Vaishali SBIN0002932 844002502 Bihar
Ekma- Ekma SBIN0002934 841002502 Bihar
Galgalia- Galgalia SBIN0002935 855002501 Bihar
Gaunaha- Gaunaha SBIN0002936 845002604 Bihar
Gulab Bagh- Purnea SBIN0002938 854002105 Bihar
Goraul- Vaishali SBIN0002939 844002503 Bihar
Gurubazar- Katihar SBIN0002940 854002701 Bihar
Harinagar- Harinagar SBIN0002942 845002605 Bihar
Harsidhi- Harsidhi SBIN0002943 845002504 Bihar
Hasanpur Road- Hasanpur SBIN0002944 848002503 Bihar
Hathua- Gopalganj SBIN0002945 841002112 Bihar
Janakpur Road- Sitamarhi SBIN0002949 843002502 Bihar
Jayanagar- Madhubani SBIN0002950 847002501 Bihar
Jogbani- Araria SBIN0002952 854002501 Bihar
Kalyanpur- Kalyanpur SBIN0002953 845002505 Bihar
Kalyanpur- Kalyanpur SBIN0002954 848002504 Bihar
Ksdsu Campus- Darbhanga SBIN0002955 846002007 Bihar
Kamtaul- Kamtaul SBIN0002956 846002501 Bihar
Kanti- Kanti SBIN0002957 842002501 Bihar
Kasba- Purnea SBIN0002960 854002014 Bihar
Kateya- Gopalganj SBIN0002961 841002603 Bihar
Katihar Bzr- Katihar SBIN0002962 854002203 Bihar
Kesaria- Motihari SBIN0002963 845002507 Bihar
Khagaria Bazar- Khagaria SBIN0002964 851002003 Bihar
Kochas- Kochas SBIN0002965 821002702 Bihar
Kursela- Kursela?????? SBIN0002967 854002702 Bihar
Lakhisarai- Lakhisarai SBIN0002968 811002102 Bihar
Lauria- Lauria SBIN0002969 845002606 Bihar
Madhuban- Madhuban SBIN0002971 845002008 Bihar
Madhubani(Wc)- Madhubani SBIN0002972 845002041 Bihar
Mianatand- West Champaran SBIN0002974 845002608 Bihar
Mairwa- Siwan SBIN0002975 841002701 Bihar
Malahi Bazar- Malahi Bazar SBIN0002976 844002504 Bihar
Mehsi- Mehsi???????? SBIN0002977 845002508 Bihar
Murliganj- Madhepura SBIN0002979 852002272 Bihar
Nabinagar- Nabinagar SBIN0002980 824002501 Bihar
Bagha- West Champaran SBIN0002981 845002609 Bihar
Narkatia- Narkatia SBIN0002982 845002509 Bihar
Narkatiaganj- Narkatiaganj SBIN0002983 845002610 Bihar
Naugachia- Bhagalpur SBIN0002984 812002502 Bihar
Nirmali- Supaul SBIN0002986 852002601 Bihar
Paharpur- Paharpur SBIN0002987 845002510 Bihar
Pakridayal- Pakridayal SBIN0002988 845002511 Bihar
Patahi- Patahi SBIN0002989 845002512 Bihar
Patory- Patory SBIN0002991 848002505 Bihar
Pirpainti- Pirpainti SBIN0002994 812002503 Bihar
Pothia- Pothia SBIN0002995 854002703 Bihar
Adb Ramgarhwa- Ramgarhwa SBIN0002996 845002513 Bihar
Adb Ramnagar- Ramnagar SBIN0002997 845002611 Bihar
Raxaul- Raxaul SBIN0002998 845002202 Bihar
Sakri- Darbhanga SBIN0003000 846002502 Bihar
Adb Saraiya- Muzaffarpur SBIN0003001 842002502 Bihar
Sheikhpura- Sheikhpura SBIN0003002 811002302 Bihar
Sikandra- Sikandra SBIN0003003 811002501 Bihar
Sikta Bazar- Sikta Bazar SBIN0003004 845002612 Bihar
Simrahi Bazar- Simrahi SBIN0003005 852002602 Bihar
Simri Bakhtiarpur- Simri Bakhtiarpur SBIN0003006 852002501 Bihar
Singheshwar- Singheshwar SBIN0003007 852002703 Bihar
Sonbarsa- Sonbarsa SBIN0003008 852002502 Bihar
Sultanganj- Sultanganj SBIN0003009 812002504 Bihar
Supaul Bazar- Biroul SBIN0003010 846002511 Bihar
Teghra- Teghra SBIN0003012 851002603 Bihar
Thakurganj- Thakurganj SBIN0003013 855002502 Bihar
Tilothu- Tilothu SBIN0003014 821002703 Bihar
Tribeniganj- Tribeniganj SBIN0003015 852002604 Bihar
Turkaulia- Turkaulia SBIN0003016 845002514 Bihar
Dmc Campus- Darbhanga SBIN0003025 846002003 Bihar
Dumraon- Dumraon SBIN0003027 802002502 Bihar
Adb Bihta- Patna SBIN0003038 800002503 Bihar
Champanagar- Bhagalpur SBIN0003041 812002009 Bihar
Barari- Patna SBIN0003042 812002006 Bihar
Adb Madhipura- Madhipura SBIN0003052 852002203 Bihar
Adb Sitamarhi- Sitamarhi SBIN0003053 843002004 Bihar
Adb Biharsharif- Biharsharif SBIN0003063 803002004 Bihar
Jhajha- Jamui SBIN0003073 811002502 Bihar
Adb Muzaffarpur- Patna SBIN0003100 842002007 Bihar
A.D.B. Bhabua- Bhabua SBIN0003101 821002601 Bihar
Chauhatta- Patna SBIN0003113 800002011 Bihar
Shrikrishna Puri- Patna SBIN0003114 800002043 Bihar
Rajabanshi Nagar- Patna SBIN0003115 800002039 Bihar
Adb Sonali Bazar- Sonaili SBIN0003127 851002004 Bihar
Mahendru- Patna SBIN0003129 800002028 Bihar
Mirzan Hat- Bhagalpur SBIN0003134 812002008 Bihar
Jamalpur- Jamalpur SBIN0003210 811002205 Bihar
Marhowrah- Chapra SBIN0003211 841002503 Bihar
Maheshkut- Khagaria SBIN0003212 851002501 Bihar
Birpur- Birpur SBIN0003265 852002605 Bihar
Jhanjharpur- Madhubani SBIN0003266 847002502 Bihar
Adb Parsa- Parsa SBIN0003267 841002504 Bihar
Marufganj- Patna SBIN0003328 800002027 Bihar
Bhagwanpur- Kaimur SBIN0003348 844002511 Bihar
Chainpur- Kaimur SBIN0003360 841002511 Bihar
Shahkund- Shahkund SBIN0003434 812002505 Bihar
Sitamarhi Bazar- Sitamarhi SBIN0003435 843002002 Bihar
Adb Taraiya- Saran SBIN0003438 841002505 Bihar
Rajapur- Patna SBIN0003454 800002037 Bihar
Sherghati- Gaya SBIN0003455 823002501 Bihar
Simultala- Simultala SBIN0003456 811002503 Bihar
Exhibition Road Patna- Patna SBIN0003475 800002015 Bihar
Fraser Road- Patna SBIN0003476 800002016 Bihar
New Market Patna- Patna SBIN0003477 800002032 Bihar
Rajgir- Rajgir SBIN0003499 803002501 Bihar
Kurji Patna- Patna SBIN0003500 800002026 Bihar
Gardanibagh- Patna SBIN0003518 800002017 Bihar
Asarganj- Asarganj SBIN0003527 811002702 Bihar
Benipur- Benipur SBIN0003532 846002503 Bihar
Adb Basopatti- Basopatti SBIN0003549 847002503 Bihar
Chandwara Muzzfarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0003557 842002006 Bihar
Digha- Patna SBIN0003559 800002012 Bihar
Srikrishnanagar Patna- Patna SBIN0003560 800002042 Bihar
Bhikhnapahari Patna- Patna SBIN0003561 800002007 Bihar
Sheikhpura Raja Bazar Patna- Patna SBIN0003563 800002041 Bihar
Kankarbagh Residential Colony- Patna SBIN0003564 800002025 Bihar
Adb Alamnagar- Alamnagar SBIN0003571 852002704 Bihar
Madanpur- Madanpur SBIN0003575 824002502 Bihar
Singhia- Singhia SBIN0003580 848002506 Bihar
Wazirganj- Wazirganj SBIN0003584 823002502 Bihar
Hilsa- Hilsa SBIN0003587 801002502 Bihar
Anuragh Colony Gaya- Gaya SBIN0003588 823002007 Bihar
Br Township- Begusarai SBIN0003589 851002106 Bihar
Salmari- Salmari SBIN0003590 854002999 Bihar
Railway Colony Jamalpur- Jamalpur SBIN0003597 811002204 Bihar
Adb Lakhisarai- Lakhisarai SBIN0003599 811002103 Bihar
Samastipur Bazar- Samastipur SBIN0003600 848002003 Bihar
Basudeopur- Munger SBIN0003601 811002203 Bihar
Saharsa Bazar- Saharsa SBIN0003602 852002003 Bihar
Nathnagar- Bhagalpur SBIN0003603 812002005 Bihar
Adb Jehanabad- Jehanabad SBIN0003611 804002003 Bihar
Rcc Chapra- Chapra SBIN0003614 841002005 Bihar
Mahnar- Mahnar SBIN0003615 844002505 Bihar
Bikramganj- Bikramganj SBIN0003616 802002202 Bihar
Behea- Behea SBIN0003643 802002601 Bihar
Nokha- Rohtas SBIN0003646 821002704 Bihar
Chousa- Buxar SBIN0003683 802002503 Bihar
Adb Hajipur- Vaishali SBIN0003684 844002003 Bihar
Bihat Chandni Chowk- Bihat SBIN0003685 851002604 Bihar
Chandan- Chandan SBIN0003787 813002502 Bihar
Jamalpur Gogri- Khagaria SBIN0003790 851002502 Bihar
Oad Lho Patna- Patna SBIN0003978 800002998 Bihar
Saraiya- Bhojpur SBIN0003983 821002707 Bihar
Fslo Patna- Patna SBIN0004068 800002999 Bihar
Spb Patna- Patna SBIN0004070 800002048 Bihar
Pbb Patna- Patna SBIN0004142 800002050 Bihar
Scb Dakbunglow Patna- Patna SBIN0004232 800002052 Bihar
Pbb Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0004385 812002004 Bihar
Ssi Patna- Patna SBIN0004386 800002053 Bihar
Rarb Patna- Patna SBIN0004443 812002054 Bihar
Pbb Kankarbagh Patna- Patna SBIN0004445 800002054 Bihar
Sonepur- Saran SBIN0004446 841002506 Bihar
Sheohar- Sheohar SBIN0004447 843002601 Bihar
Cppc Patna- Patna SBIN0004476 800002777 Bihar
Racpc Patna- Patna SBIN0004493 800002056 Bihar
Barauni Industrail Estate- Begusarai SBIN0004520 851002107 Bihar
Uda Kishanganj- Udakishunganj SBIN0004525 852002705 Bihar
Halsi- Halsi SBIN0004574 811002602 Bihar
Khagaul- Patna SBIN0004576 800002044 Bihar
Maharajganj- Siwan SBIN0004577 841002211 Bihar
Club Road- Muzaffarpur SBIN0004578 842002009 Bihar
Rosera- Samastipur SBIN0004580 848002507 Bihar
Mit Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0004603 842002011 Bihar
Nasriganj- Rohtas SBIN0004621 821002705 Bihar
Belsand- Belsand SBIN0004654 843002503 Bihar
Khajauli- Khajauli SBIN0004655 847002504 Bihar
Aurai- Aurai SBIN0004656 842002503 Bihar
Adb Parihar- Parihar SBIN0004657 843002504 Bihar
Raghunathpur- Raghunathpur SBIN0004658 841002703 Bihar
Ujiarpur- Ujiarpur SBIN0004659 848002508 Bihar
Masaurhi- Patna SBIN0004708 800002504 Bihar
Pratapganj- Pratapganj SBIN0004717 852002606 Bihar
Adb Sarenja- Sarenja SBIN0004768 802002504 Bihar
Nayagaon- Nayagaon SBIN0004862 841002507 Bihar
Jaintpur- Jaintpur SBIN0004888 842002504 Bihar
Koransarai- Koransarai SBIN0004889 802002505 Bihar
Pipra- Damodarpur SBIN0004893 845002515 Bihar
Adb Barh- Barh SBIN0004922 803002103 Bihar
Bhagwatipur- Bhagwatipur SBIN0004924 847002505 Bihar
Karjain Bazar- Karjain Bazar SBIN0004927 852002607 Bihar
Panchgachia- Panchgachia SBIN0004930 852002503 Bihar
Sarc Patna- Patna SBIN0005176 800002055 Bihar
Nmcc Patna- Patna SBIN0005331 800002031 Bihar
Ghanshyampur- Ghanshyampur SBIN0005363 846002504 Bihar
Musrigharari- B.Alloth SBIN0005422 848002509 Bihar
Sidhwalia- Gopalganj SBIN0005424 841002604 Bihar
Ziradei- Siwan SBIN0005426 841002704 Bihar
Kishanpur- Kishanpur SBIN0005435 848002510 Bihar
Laukaha- Laukaha SBIN0005436 847002506 Bihar
Shamkauria- Shamkauria SBIN0005438 841002508 Bihar
Vidyapati Nagar- Vidyapati Nagar SBIN0005439 848002511 Bihar
Adb Begusarai- Begusarai SBIN0005455 851002103 Bihar
Adb Chapra- Chapra SBIN0005456 841002004 Bihar
Daudnagar- Aurangabad SBIN0005609 824002503 Bihar
Manpur- Buniyadganj SBIN0005611 823002009 Bihar
Adb Shivnarayanpur- Shivnarayanpur SBIN0005725 812002506 Bihar
Adb Ghogha- Ghogha SBIN0005726 812002507 Bihar
Gola Road- Patna SBIN0005727 842002008 Bihar
Adb Madhubani- Madhubani SBIN0005758 847002003 Bihar
Adb Jhandapur- Jhandapur SBIN0005769 812002508 Bihar
Athmalgola- Athmalgola SBIN0005784 800002505 Bihar
Nagra- Saran SBIN0005785 841002509 Bihar
Sitalpur- Sitalpur SBIN0005786 841002201 Bihar
A.D.B. Manjhaul- Manjhaul SBIN0005858 851002605 Bihar
Sakri Bazar- Madhubani SBIN0005859 847002507 Bihar
Rahika- Rahika SBIN0005897 847002508 Bihar
Khusrupur- Patna SBIN0005903 800002506 Bihar
Mangalgarh- Mangalgarh SBIN0005904 848002512 Bihar
Adb Hasanpur Road- Samastipur SBIN0005912 848002513 Bihar
Adb Mairwa- Mairwa SBIN0005970 841002705 Bihar
Adb Gopalganj- Gopalganj SBIN0005971 841002103 Bihar
Adb Supaul- Supaul SBIN0005998 852002103 Bihar
Adb Benipur- Bahera SBIN0006014 846002505 Bihar
Adb Khagaria- Khagaria SBIN0006015 851002005 Bihar
Bela Ind Estate- Muzaffarpur SBIN0006016 842002010 Bihar
Bithan- Bithan SBIN0006017 848002514 Bihar
Chainpur- Saran SBIN0006018 841002050 Bihar
Hasan Bazar- Hasan Bazar SBIN0006019 802002603 Bihar
Kadirabad- Dharbhanga SBIN0006020 846002005 Bihar
Manigachi- Manigachi SBIN0006021 846002506 Bihar
Parwalpur- Nalanda SBIN0006022 803002503 Bihar
Sahajitpur- Sahajitpur SBIN0006023 841002512 Bihar
Sasamusa- Sasamusa SBIN0006024 841002605 Bihar
Batsar- Batsar SBIN0006073 813002503 Bihar
Kharik Bazar- Bhagalpur SBIN0006084 812002509 Bihar
Punsia- Punsia SBIN0006088 813002504 Bihar
Tajpur- Tajpur SBIN0006105 841002513 Bihar
Amy Mohania- Mohania SBIN0006137 821002604 Bihar
Kaluahi- Kaluahi SBIN0006160 847002509 Bihar
Anrer- Anrer SBIN0006163 847002510 Bihar
Belwania- Belwania SBIN0006286 802002604 Bihar
Islampur- Islampur SBIN0006287 803002504 Bihar
Usas Deora- Usas SBIN0006289 823002503 Bihar
Amy Uchari- Garhwa SBIN0006350 822002104 Bihar
Amy Takiya- Sasaram SBIN0006356 821002220 Bihar
A.M.Y. Natwar- Natwar SBIN0006357 821002706 Bihar
Amy Fatwah- Fatwah SBIN0006358 800002507 Bihar
Amy Bihta- Amy Bihta SBIN0006359 800002508 Bihar
Ramdiri- Nakati SBIN0006368 851002606 Bihar
Garhpura- Garhpura SBIN0006369 851002607 Bihar
Chamtha Ghat- Bachwara SBIN0006370 851002608 Bihar
Panchveer- Panchveer SBIN0006371 851002609 Bihar
Akhtiyarpur- Akhtiyarpur SBIN0006377 800002509 Bihar
Arap- Arap SBIN0006378 800002510 Bihar
Bailey Road- Patna SBIN0006379 800002006 Bihar
Bankaghat- Bankaghat SBIN0006380 800002511 Bihar
Lai- Lai SBIN0006381 800002512 Bihar
Nagwa- Nagwa SBIN0006382 800002513 Bihar
Sai- Patna SBIN0006383 804002451 Bihar
Saray- Saray SBIN0006384 800002515 Bihar
A M Y Tikuliya- W.Champaran SBIN0006385 845002613 Bihar
Amy Shikarpur- West Champaran SBIN0006386 845002614 Bihar
Amy Sarha- Chapra SBIN0006387 841002006 Bihar
Amy Mathurapur- Mathurapur SBIN0006388 848002005 Bihar
Amy Forbesganj- Forbesganj SBIN0006425 854002303 Bihar
Paschimpalli Kishanganj- Kishanganj SBIN0006426 855002003 Bihar
Amy Araria- Araria SBIN0006427 854002004 Bihar
Shiv Mandir Chowk- Katihar SBIN0006428 854002204 Bihar
A.M.Y.Panhana- Suhirdnagar SBIN0006429 851002108 Bihar
Amy Murliganj- Murliganj SBIN0006430 852002722 Bihar
Amy Behariganj- Bihariganj SBIN0006431 852002706 Bihar
Amy Mahsol Sitamarhi- Sitamarhi SBIN0006446 843002005 Bihar
Army Ahyapur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0006447 842002012 Bihar
Amy Shivdhara- Darbhanga SBIN0006448 846002008 Bihar
Ifb Patna- Patna SBIN0006540 800002046 Bihar
Drmo Katihar- Katihar SBIN0006550 854002205 Bihar
Boring Canal Road Patna- Patna SBIN0006551 800002047 Bihar
Pakri- Bhojpur SBIN0006552 802002103 Bihar
Gandhi Maidan- Patna SBIN0006553 823002008 Bihar
Bari Pahari- Biharsharif SBIN0006554 803002005 Bihar
Tajpur Morwa- Tajpur SBIN0006562 848002515 Bihar
Sameli- Sameli SBIN0006588 854002705 Bihar
A M Y Sonhauli- Khagaria SBIN0006609 851002095 Bihar
Amy Safiabad- Munger SBIN0006610 811002207 Bihar
Military Cantt- Gaya SBIN0006611 823002005 Bihar
Aunta- Mokama Ghat SBIN0006612 803002702 Bihar
Adb Sheikhra- Sheikhpura SBIN0006617 811002303 Bihar
Kudra- Kaimur SBIN0006654 821002605 Bihar
Parmanandpur- Parmanandpur SBIN0006655 841002514 Bihar
Sutihar- Sutihar SBIN0006656 841002515 Bihar
Makhdumpur Phuha- Babura SBIN0006668 802002605 Bihar
Gopalpur- Gopalpur SBIN0006669 841002706 Bihar
Kolandeva- Kolandeva SBIN0006670 841002606 Bihar
Mohammadpur- Saran SBIN0006671 841002516 Bihar
Patar- Patar SBIN0006673 841002707 Bihar
Majirwankala- Majirwankala SBIN0006685 841002607 Bihar
Phulwaria- Phulwaria SBIN0006727 841002608 Bihar
Zonal Office Patna- Patna SBIN0006732 800002099 Bihar
Zo Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0006733 842002816 Bihar
Oad Zonal Office Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0006734 812002012 Bihar
Raj Bhawan Patna- Patna SBIN0006917 800002038 Bihar
C S T P P A- Deepti Nagar SBIN0006949 812002510 Bihar
Mansi- Khagaria SBIN0006977 851002503 Bihar
K T P S Kanti- Kanti SBIN0007033 842002505 Bihar
Dahibhat- Gopalganj SBIN0007046 841002609 Bihar
Sondeep- Sondeep SBIN0007094 854002607 Bihar
Balua Bazar- Supaul SBIN0007114 852002608 Bihar
Chhatapur- Chhatapur SBIN0007115 852002206 Bihar
Paliganj- Paliganj SBIN0007116 800002516 Bihar
Damgarha- Damgarha SBIN0007246 854002608 Bihar
Maurya Lok Complex- Patna SBIN0007506 800002030 Bihar
Dariyapur Gola- Patna SBIN0007877 800002013 Bihar
Agamkuan- Patna SBIN0007878 800002003 Bihar
Amy Katra Bazar- Patna SBIN0007879 800002051 Bihar
Tatarpur- Patna SBIN0007901 812002003 Bihar
Igims- Patna SBIN0007945 800002021 Bihar
Poiwan- Poiwan SBIN0007975 824002504 Bihar
Z. O. Purnea- Purnea SBIN0008071 854002022 Bihar
Lakshmipur- Bhagalpur SBIN0008121 812002512 Bihar
Goddiha- Goddiha SBIN0008122 804002501 Bihar
Patharkatti- Patharkatti SBIN0008123 823002504 Bihar
Hati- Hati SBIN0008124 804002502 Bihar
Kumhrauli- Kamtaul SBIN0008125 846002507 Bihar
Bandhauli- Bandhauli SBIN0008126 846002508 Bihar
Hanti- Hanti SBIN0008127 847002049 Bihar
Sahasram- Sahasram SBIN0008128 846002510 Bihar
Alipur- Nisarpura SBIN0008129 800002517 Bihar
Bhaiswan- Bhaiswan SBIN0008130 800002518 Bihar
Sarasat- Sarasat SBIN0008131 800002519 Bihar
Hanspur- Hanspur SBIN0008132 851002610 Bihar
Nayanagardularpur- Nayanagardularpur SBIN0008133 851002611 Bihar
Dandari- Dandari SBIN0008134 852002714 Bihar
Sumerganj- Vaishali SBIN0008135 844002506 Bihar
Dabaich- Dabaich SBIN0008136 844002507 Bihar
Kanp- Saur Bazar SBIN0008152 852002504 Bihar
Mohanpur- Mohanpur SBIN0008153 852002505 Bihar
Maina- Maina SBIN0008154 852002506 Bihar
Ghordaur- Ghordaur SBIN0008156 852002507 Bihar
Sahugarh- Sahugarh SBIN0008157 852002707 Bihar
Raghunathpur- Raghunathpur SBIN0008158 852002255 Bihar
Lalpur- Lalpur SBIN0008159 852002709 Bihar
Barateni- Lashakri SBIN0008161 852002710 Bihar
Rampur Kalan- Bariarpur SBIN0008162 811002210 Bihar
Harnaranpur- Choura SBIN0008163 811002504 Bihar
Barhari- Barhari SBIN0008164 854002609 Bihar
Basudeopur- Basudeopur SBIN0008165 854002620 Bihar
Balutola- Nirpur SBIN0008166 854002610 Bihar
Sakarpur- Sakarpur SBIN0008170 811002209 Bihar
Jagadhar- Jagadhar SBIN0008172 843002505 Bihar
Chakauti- Chakauti SBIN0008173 843002506 Bihar
Bokanekalan- Bokanekalan SBIN0008174 845002516 Bihar
Dudhiawa Sareya- Sareya Bazar SBIN0008175 845002517 Bihar
Salempur- Salempur SBIN0008176 845002518 Bihar
Jagdishpur- Jagdishpur SBIN0008177 845002459 Bihar
Sahadatpur- Sahadatpur SBIN0008179 845002616 Bihar
Paras Pakri (Sab)- Chanayan Bandh SBIN0008180 845002617 Bihar
Mahuawa- Mahuawa SBIN0008182 844002510 Bihar
Sapahi- Sapahi SBIN0008183 845002520 Bihar
Ekdari- Ekdari SBIN0008184 845002521 Bihar
Purnahia- East Champaran SBIN0008185 845002522 Bihar
Shitalpur- Shitalpur SBIN0008186 841002510 Bihar
Kadogaon- Kadogaon SBIN0008188 855002503 Bihar
Kathan Sab- Kathan SBIN0008211 845002524 Bihar
Chintamanpur- Chintamanpur SBIN0008273 845002525 Bihar
Pura- Pura SBIN0008309 823002505 Bihar
Sanda- Sanda SBIN0008310 823002506 Bihar
Bikrampur- Bikrampur SBIN0008311 851002613 Bihar
Kurkihar- Kurkihar SBIN0008312 823002507 Bihar
Hajipur- Hajipur SBIN0008313 804002503 Bihar
Harauli- Harauli SBIN0008327 844002112 Bihar
Kankhudia- Kankhudia SBIN0008348 854002502 Bihar
Chopra Bazar- Purnea SBIN0008356 854002611 Bihar
Maina- Maina Hat SBIN0008357 854002117 Bihar
Amour- Amour SBIN0008358 854002155 Bihar
Fakirtoli- Baisi SBIN0008359 854002613 Bihar
Damaili- Mirganj SBIN0008360 854002614 Bihar
Agwanpur- Sisai SBIN0008361 852002508 Bihar
Kariapatti- Kariapatti SBIN0008362 852002610 Bihar
Sardiha- Sardiha SBIN0008363 852002509 Bihar
Rampur- Rampur SBIN0008364 852002711 Bihar
Sikarhatti- Kumarkhand SBIN0008365 852002712 Bihar
Babhani- Babhani SBIN0008366 852002713 Bihar
Dandari- Behrari SBIN0008367 852002259 Bihar
Palsa- Palsa SBIN0008368 854002615 Bihar
Bardah- Bardah SBIN0008380 811002208 Bihar
Dostia- Dostia SBIN0008384 843002330 Bihar
Simra- Khadiha SBIN0008385 824002505 Bihar
Doman- Doman SBIN0008386 800002520 Bihar
Saraiya- Saraiya SBIN0008389 821002104 Bihar
Bagdar- Katihar SBIN0008390 854002706 Bihar
Durgaganj- Katihar SBIN0008391 854002707 Bihar
Morsanda (Fuldhobi)- Phuldhobi SBIN0008392 854002708 Bihar
Kanta- Kanta SBIN0008393 842002506 Bihar
Rupahara- Rupahara SBIN0008394 845002526 Bihar
Shahjahanpur- Shahjahanpur SBIN0008395 800002521 Bihar
Malpur- Malpur SBIN0008396 844002509 Bihar
Tola Malahi- West Champaran SBIN0008397 845002618 Bihar
Barahi Bazar- Barahi SBIN0008400 852002715 Bihar
Churlihat- Churlihat SBIN0008401 855002504 Bihar
Arwal- Arwal SBIN0008435 804002102 Bihar
Sonmai- Sonmai SBIN0008473 800002522 Bihar
Madhubanbasaha- Bajpatti SBIN0008474 843002508 Bihar
Bhawal (Sab)- Ramnagar SBIN0008475 845002619 Bihar
Ufrail Chowk- Aamgachi SBIN0008477 854002504 Bihar
Anchra- Araria SBIN0008478 854002505 Bihar
Srinagar- Srinagar SBIN0008479 812002513 Bihar
Gopalpur- Gopalpur SBIN0008480 811002505 Bihar
Tarabari Chowk- Tarabari Chowk SBIN0008481 855002505 Bihar
Dhantola- Ghordaur SBIN0008559 855002506 Bihar
Urlaha- Urlaha SBIN0008560 854002506 Bihar
Bhanghi- Araria SBIN0008561 854002616 Bihar
Nathpur- Nathpur SBIN0008562 854002507 Bihar
Bhirbheni- Bardaha SBIN0008563 854002508 Bihar
Chanda- Chanda SBIN0008564 854002509 Bihar
Damgarhi- Damgarhi SBIN0008568 852002511 Bihar
Bishunpur Arar- Bishunpur Arar SBIN0008569 852002716 Bihar
Khurhan Sab- Khurhan SBIN0008570 852002717 Bihar
Balhi- Balhi Teghra SBIN0008571 852002512 Bihar
Uttarbag Ghat- Baruipur SBIN0008746 700002579 Bihar
Baliadangal- Baliadangal SBIN0008883 816002615 Bihar
Anjani- Anjani SBIN0008886 841002517 Bihar
Sail Satellite- Ranchi SBIN0008961 834002021 Bihar
Anandpuri- Patna SBIN0009002 800002004 Bihar
Anisabad Patna- Patna SBIN0009003 800002002 Bihar
Ashiana Nagar- Patna SBIN0009004 800002005 Bihar
Hanuman Nagar- Patna SBIN0009005 800002020 Bihar
Bihar Veterinary College Complex- Patna SBIN0009006 800002010 Bihar
Purani Godown- Patna SBIN0009007 823002003 Bihar
Nawadih Silpahari- Nawadih Silpahari SBIN0009012 811002703 Bihar
Akhilaspur- Akhilaspur SBIN0009185 821002606 Bihar
Indrapuri- Indrapuri SBIN0009186 821002708 Bihar
Khairadih- Kharari SBIN0009187 821002709 Bihar
Pandui- Pandui SBIN0009188 804002504 Bihar
Bhura- Bhura SBIN0009210 852002612 Bihar
Narainia- Gopalganj SBIN0009212 841002610 Bihar
Darmaha- Darmaha SBIN0009213 845002527 Bihar
Nimuia Sap- Bagah SBIN0009214 845002528 Bihar
Dagmara- Dagmara SBIN0009217 852002613 Bihar
Hardar- Jahanpur SBIN0009218 854002510 Bihar
Rajoi- Rajoi SBIN0009220 824002506 Bihar
Belaon- Belaon SBIN0009221 821002607 Bihar
Sareya Pipra- Sareya SBIN0009226 845002529 Bihar
Bairiadih- Bairiadih SBIN0009227 845002530 Bihar
Rupauli- Rupauli SBIN0009229 842002507 Bihar
Dudhari- Dudhari SBIN0009233 813002505 Bihar
Khadigram- Khadigram SBIN0009234 811002506 Bihar
Sakraili Sab- Sakraili SBIN0009239 854002709 Bihar
Telta- Telta SBIN0009240 854002710 Bihar
Panighatta- Katihar SBIN0009241 854002711 Bihar
Ghailar- Ghailar SBIN0009242 852002720 Bihar
Teldiha- Tikapatti SBIN0009243 854002617 Bihar
Zilebia More- Thakurganj SBIN0009244 855002507 Bihar
Surjapur- Surjapur SBIN0009245 852002614 Bihar
Zonal Inspection Office Patna- Patna SBIN0009282 800002098 Bihar
Dhaka- Dhaka SBIN0009345 845002531 Bihar
Gerua- Gerua SBIN0009372 854002618 Bihar
Phulwaria Ojha- Phulwaria SBIN0009480 845002532 Bihar
Shyampur Market Area- Adapur SBIN0009481 845002533 Bihar
Ibrahimpur- Raj Kararia SBIN0009482 845002534 Bihar
Cb Patliputra- Patna SBIN0009600 800002049 Bihar
Kalpa-Kamdeobigha- Kalpa-Kamdeobigha SBIN0009607 804002505 Bihar
Mahesua- Kaimur SBIN0009616 821002608 Bihar
Garhathakalan- Garhathakalan SBIN0009617 802002506 Bihar
Bumuar- Bumuar SBIN0009618 823002508 Bihar
Bhairognaj- Bhairognaj SBIN0009798 813002506 Bihar
Service Patna- Patna SBIN0009933 800002001 Bihar
Rasecc Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0010012 842002014 Bihar
Rasecc-Cum-Sarc Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0010014 812002015 Bihar
Cac Patna- Patna SBIN0010017 800002066 Bihar
Cac Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0010021 842002017 Bihar
Smecc Patna (New)- Patna SBIN0010024 800002057 Bihar
Bhagwan Bazar- Chapra SBIN0010081 841002518 Bihar
S K Medical And Hospital Campus- Umanagar SBIN0010082 842002015 Bihar
Dighwara- Dighwara SBIN0010083 841002519 Bihar
Bhagwanpur- Bhagwanpur SBIN0010084 842002016 Bihar
Ntpc Campus Barh- Barh SBIN0010085 803002104 Bihar
Kursakanta- Araria SBIN0010086 854002511 Bihar
Katihar Medical College- Katihar SBIN0010336 854002712 Bihar
B N Mandal University- Madhepura SBIN0010339 852002721 Bihar
High Court Campus Patna- Patna SBIN0010340 800002060 Bihar
Sipara- Patna SBIN0010353 800002064 Bihar
Bahadurpur- Bahadurpur SBIN0010354 800002067 Bihar
Danapur Cantonement- Patna SBIN0010396 800002061 Bihar
Rajiv Nagar- Patna SBIN0010397 800002062 Bihar
J.D.Women's College Patna- Patna SBIN0010404 800002059 Bihar
Bihar Vidhan Mandal- Patna SBIN0010405 800002063 Bihar
Amy Gulabbagh- Purnea SBIN0010406 854002619 Bihar
Ccpc Patna- Patna SBIN0010408 800002058 Bihar
Sihpur Madhurapur- Bhagalpur SBIN0010768 853002014 Bihar
Jagdishpur- Jagdishpur SBIN0010769 845002615 Bihar
Piro- Piro SBIN0010770 802002607 Bihar
Makhdumpur- Makhdumpur SBIN0010771 804002506 Bihar
Benipatti- Benipatti SBIN0010772 847002511 Bihar
Andhratharhi- Andhratharhi SBIN0010773 847002512 Bihar
Rajouli- Rajouli SBIN0010774 805002501 Bihar
Bhagwanpur- Bhagwanpur SBIN0010775 844002114 Bihar
Laxmipur- Laxmipur SBIN0010790 812002516 Bihar
Cac Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0011471 812002011 Bihar
Saguna- Patna SBIN0011675 800002065 Bihar
Rasmecc-Sarc Purnea- Purnea SBIN0011776 854002106 Bihar
Sabour- Sabour SBIN0011805 812002022 Bihar
Garhani- Garhani SBIN0011806 802002608 Bihar
Tekari- Tekari SBIN0011807 823002509 Bihar
Ambedkar Chowk Gopalganj- Gopalganj SBIN0011808 841002611 Bihar
Bahadurganj- Bahadurganj SBIN0011809 855002004 Bihar
Saharsa City- Saharsa SBIN0011810 852002004 Bihar
Baheri- Baheri SBIN0011829 847002234 Bihar
Baunsi- Baunsi SBIN0012530 813002039 Bihar
Tarapur- Tarapur SBIN0012531 813002040 Bihar
Sangrampur- Sangrampur SBIN0012532 813002041 Bihar
Jagdishpur- Bhagalpur SBIN0012535 813002042 Bihar
Haweli Kharagpur- Haweli Kharagpur SBIN0012536 811002221 Bihar
Jamui Bazar- Jamui SBIN0012538 811002220 Bihar
Shrinagar- Siwan SBIN0012552 NON - MICR Bihar
Bettiah Bazar- Bettiah SBIN0012554 845002005 Bihar
Sarai- Sarai SBIN0012555 NON - MICR Bihar
Tajpur- Tajpur SBIN0012557 848002518 Bihar
Sahibganj- Muzaffarpur SBIN0012559 NON - MICR Bihar
Garkha- Garkha SBIN0012560 841002520 Bihar
Andar- Andar SBIN0012561 841002708 Bihar
Jandaha- Jandaha SBIN0012562 NON - MICR Bihar
Riga- Riga SBIN0012564 843002201 Bihar
Nautan Dubey- Nautan Dubey SBIN0012565 845002535 Bihar
Thawe- Gopalganj SBIN0012566 841002613 Bihar
Khutauna- Khutauna SBIN0012567 847002201 Bihar
Ghoghardiha- Ghoghardiha SBIN0012568 847002514 Bihar
Majhaulia- Majhaulia SBIN0012570 845002620 Bihar
Dighi Kalan- Dighi Kalan SBIN0012572 NON - MICR Bihar
Anjanpir- Anjanpir SBIN0012573 NON - MICR Bihar
Madhepur- Madhubani SBIN0012574 847002515 Bihar
Govind Mitra Road Patna- Patna SBIN0012579 800002068 Bihar
Sabnima- Sabnima SBIN0012580 803002507 Bihar
Pandarak- Pandarak SBIN0012581 NON - MICR Bihar
Sampatchak- Patna SBIN0012588 800002525 Bihar
Phulwarisharif- Patna SBIN0012591 800002069 Bihar
Harnaut- Harnaut SBIN0012594 803002502 Bihar
Nawada Bazar- Nawada SBIN0012597 NON - MICR Bihar
Hisua- Nawada SBIN0012598 805002504 Bihar
Goh- Goh SBIN0012600 824002507 Bihar
Obra- Aurangabad SBIN0012601 NON - MICR Bihar
Ghosi- Jahanabad SBIN0012602 804002507 Bihar
Belaganj- Belaganj SBIN0012603 804002507 Bihar
Barun- Aurangabad SBIN0012604 NON - MICR Bihar
Deo- Aurangabad SBIN0012605 NON - MICR Bihar
Amas- Gaya SBIN0012606 NON - MICR Bihar
Khijarsarai- Khijarsarai SBIN0012607 824002999 Bihar
Rafiganj- Aurangabad SBIN0012608 NON - MICR Bihar
Nai Bazar Buxar- Buxar SBIN0012611 NON - MICR Bihar
Gidha- Gidha SBIN0012612 802002609 Bihar
Mahuda- Dhanbad SBIN0012627 828002152 Bihar
Durgasthan Katihar- Katihar SBIN0012637 854002207 Bihar
Dagarua- Dagarua SBIN0012638 854002622 Bihar
Personal Banking Purnea- Purnea SBIN0012639 854002107 Bihar
Srinagar- Srinagar SBIN0012640 854002621 Bihar
Chausa- Madhepura SBIN0012641 852002723 Bihar
Bariyahi Bazar- Bangaon SBIN0012643 852002513 Bihar
Parbatta- Parbatta SBIN0012644 851002504 Bihar
Baijnathpur- Baijnathpur SBIN0012645 852002514 Bihar
Bhimnagar- Bhimnagar SBIN0012646 852002615 Bihar
Raniganj- Araria SBIN0012648 NON - MICR Bihar
Barsoi- Barsoi SBIN0012649 NON - MICR Bihar
Manihari- Manihari SBIN0012650 854002715 Bihar
Shankerpur- Madhepura SBIN0012651 NON - MICR Bihar
Singhia- Purnea SBIN0012652 854002623 Bihar
Azam Nagar- Azam Nagar SBIN0012653 855002005 Bihar
Dighwa Dubouli- Dighwa Dubouli SBIN0012810 841002117 Bihar
Sugauli- East Champaran SBIN0013153 NON - MICR Bihar
Sarc Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur SBIN0013195 842002053 Bihar
Bapudham- Motihari SBIN0012542 NON-MICR Bihar
Donar- Darbhanga SBIN0012553 NON-MICR Bihar
Runni Saidpur- Sitamarhi SBIN0012563 NON-MICR Bihar
Suryagarha- Lakhisarai SBIN0012593 NON-MICR Bihar
Rbo Begusarai- Begusarai SBIN0013724 NON-MICR Bihar